Our Specialization

We dive deep into the needs of your target learners to customise the elearning solution for them. Whether it is designing your entire LMS system or focusing on one subject module, we make sure the learner’s need is always in focus.

Types of education videos we specialize in:

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Skilled Team

We take pride in providing personal solutions to every client. Our skilled team is always at your fingertips. A perfect blend of highly experienced employees working in tandem with young creative minds is the recipe for creating unique solutions for your business.

Our team comprises of:

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Our Tools

Authoring Tools: for cost-effective and fast production

In addition to these, we also utilize hi-end professional production tools for unique custom-made visual solutions. They provide high-definition polished visuals with no restrictions to imagination.

3D tools: for hi-def 3-dimensional visualization and procedural instructions

Video Production

The human brain retains and recalls visuals more effectively than written and spoken words. Our team specializes in various authoring tools and hi-end video production tools. Each course is custom designed for the unique needs of each client - keeping in mind the most engaging and cost effective solution.

Narrative Writing

The secret to great essays and speeches is the conversational tone and relatability with the learner. How well do we understand the end user (learner)? How will they most effortlessly soak in and retain the information? How can we provide relevant examples and anecdotes to further explain a topic? Effective narrative writing requires mix of medical and creative writing knowledge. Our team of writers have vast experience in both medical writing as well as creative writing.

Visual Design

E-learning is a visual medium, so it’s just as much about visual communication as it is about learning design. Our artists are trained in the art of visual communication. We use our expertise to design a look for your videos that will best relay the content to the intended users. This controls how the learners interact with the content.

Video Post Production

We have experienced visual editors who deliver polished high quality output. Whether it is your bulk courses or customised videos, you will get the premium quality.

Content Creation

We understand that accuracy and relevance of knowledge is vital in the changing field of medicine. We are also aware that different people learn in different ways – from detailed texts, to key notes, to graphical representation. Thus, a customised instructional design is a must. We have a team of experienced medical and creative writers to design and create flawless course content of all kinds.

Interactive Tests and Activities

Becoming an active participant in a learning experience is far more stimulating than a passive one. Learners get energised from a sense of accomplishment. Challenging themselves also brings out an innate competitive nature that provides them with a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Our experienced team of game designers, programmers and technical experts create fun and effective interactive quizzes and activities to test and challenge the learner in an engaging manner.

LMS Integration & Support

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Voiceover Recording

When a complex topic is narrated in a natural and confident cadence, the subject matter feels accessible and simple. This is that art of voice-over. We understand the target audience and the intention of the topic, and this determines the pace, emphasis, inflection for the audio narration. We choose the right professional voice artist for your learners’ needs. Our recordings are done in state-of-the-art sound studios with high quality recording and sound design.

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  • cost effective, rapidly created, and easily customizable to the learner’s needs.
  • Our Specialization Behavioural science teaches us that people absorb information in different styles and at different pace. Our instructional design pays close attention to the needs of your learner. Know More
  • Skilled Team We take pride in providing personal solutions to every client. Our skilled team is always at your fingertips. Know More
  • Our Tools Choosing the right production tool is key to providing cost-effective and timely service. We have a highly skilled team that specializes in the top rated tools of the industry. Know More

Our E-Learning Services

Education videos, with interactivity and gamification, are the answer to today’s short attention span and differences in learning styles of people. Our videos raise the likelihood of knowledge absorption and ensure that one gets the most out of the experience.

Do more with less using e-learning solutions

Give the learner the ability to receive training at any time, from anywhere, on any device, and on the go - reducing lost time and expenditure and increasing productivity.

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About ACY

ACY Entertainment was established when four people came together to transform their enthusiasm into a reality. The quartet, by their tremendous effort, gave rise to a team that has the capability to incorporate fun as well as creativity at the same time.

Our service section carries this energy into the learning sector. We are passionate about providing masterfully engaging learning experiences. Our goal is to create outstanding and unique instructional courses for a range of industries.

With every new project, we look forward to raising our bar of performance when it comes to quality, innovation, originality and efficiency.